Brutsky Nathan

Brutsky Original Paintings
Brutsky Giclee (print on canvas)
Brutsky Giclee (print on canvas)
Brutsky Serigraph

Nathan Brutsky was born in 1963 in Kiev, Ukraine. Since childhood, he was engaged in different aspects of art: painting, sculpture and art design. By the age of ten, Brutsky dedicated several hours each day to his art. Nathan graduated art school and Kiev College of Industrial Design. Since his college years, he was characterized by a deep understanding of the unique potentials of different art styles.
After moving with his family to Israel in 1991, Brutsky had the opportunity to study Western European artwork and styles, which he incorporated into his own art. He created his own unique style. This successfully combines the achievements of the great European artists of the early 20th century with contemporary art technologies. The delicate combination of energetic lines and colorful stains in Nathan's works creates a feeling of happiness, calmness and a bright living energy.

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