Dr. Bruce Freund

Dr. Bruce Freund


Dr. Bruce Freund began his artistic aspirations as a child with a desire to become a cartoonist. During his high school and college years, he continually took art classes with the desire to make this his career choice. He eventually chose a professional field where he could combine art and science and became a dentist focusing his career on cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics.

Dr. Bruce Freund established his practice in New Jersey and continued his artistic studies at the Old Church Cultural Center with classes in painting, clay sculpture, outdoor concrete sculpture, and faux marbling.

Dr. Freund enjoys working in multiple mediums and has created artistic productions in watercolor, acrylic, wood, and plaster. His pieces are displayed throughout his dental offices so that patients can enjoy a gallery experience during their visits. Patients encouraged him to take his talents to the next level and begin displaying his work in exposition settings. He hopes you enjoy his works of art as much as he enjoys creating them. 

Dr. Bruce Freund will be exhibiting the following international exhibitions:
Art San Diego - October 18-21
Art Spectrum Miami 4-9 
ArtExpo New York 4-7 


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