Kosta Netsah

Kosta Netsah is an Israeli artist who was born in 1958 in Russia, in the town of Nevel the district of Pskovskaya. He studied in Saint Petersburg and in 1973 graduated from the School of Arts; completing also a course in interior design. In 1982, he moved to Zapolarie (Arctic Circle) where he studied at the Academy House of Arts and Artists. Over the years his works have participated in many national and international art contests.


In 1995 he immigrated to Israel and since then he has been living with his family in the town of Rehovot. He has worked as a graphic designer in the Carmel Museum in Rishon Le’zion and in Zichron Yaakov.


During 1997, he worked at the Romi Gallery in Kibbutz Sireni representing the Enterprise in numerous artistic international competitions.


In 2010 the artist started to develop his own independent enterprise, his works being exposed all over the country in numerous prestigious galleries such as Ithaka in Rehovot, Sarona in Tel-Aviv, Old Jaffa, Jerusalem, and many more. His works are also in display in 56 countries all over the world.

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